November 24, 2022

Pawel Kentaro Grendys explains best practices in real estate marketing

Real estate marketing allows real estate agents or companies to get more properties for sale or rent, attract customers for those properties, and ultimately close more transactions. In order to achieve these results, businesses in the sector need to position themselves in the market. Therefore, having an online presence is key to increasing the reach of the sale. Pawel Kentaro Grendys, an expert in real estate marketing, offers insight into ensuring quick sales for maximum returns.

Once people arrive on a website or social networks of the real estate offering, it’s important to deploy one of the most outstanding marketing strategies: provide valuable content. This will boost the positioning of the offering, generate trust in the service and consolidate the link with potential clients.

But being on the Internet is not enough, either. Explains Grendys, “Businesses in the sector need to create and execute a real estate digital marketing plan in order to stand out from their competitors and thus attract users.”

Therefore, it’s important to first define the audience. The next step is to establish the value proposition, followed by the selection of the right marketing strategies.

Inbound real estate marketing is very useful when creating better sales strategies and techniques. This methodology focuses on attracting customers through the creation of valuable content, aimed at answering the doubts and needs of the public to which the business is directed. To do this, the methodology combines real estate marketing strategies and non-intrusive advertising, such as content marketing or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Broadly speaking, inbound real estate marketing is divided into three stages. The first is attraction, which includes positioning the real estate on the Internet in order to attract more users.

The next is interaction, the process of converting those users into leads. Lastly, closing and loyalty will lock in the deal. Explains Grendys, “Close the transaction through real estate sales strategies and cultivate the bond with the client to build loyalty.”

In order to achieve this process successfully, there are four potential channels. The first is content marketing. This method consists of providing the user with information that will help him or her.

This is done through the channels in which the business is present, including the web, blog, social networks for real estate, YouTube channel, podcast and others. By offering relevant content in each phase that the potential client goes through, the seller makes this advance, and, most likely, it will reach the end of the journey.

For example, for those looking for a client to give an exclusive sale of their home, it’s important to put valuable content at their fingertips. This will be essential in order for the seller to appear as a real estate expert and gain buyers’ trust.

Investing in paid ads can accelerate the customer journey. Search engine advertising through Google Ads and ads on Facebook and Instagram are great options. In fact, they are usually the starting point for many real estate agencies since they help reach the target audience in less time.

For example, Google’s display network reaches 90% of online users around the world and allows for fairly precise targeting. Marketers can choose the number of people they want to reach within a time limit. In addition, they have the possibility of guiding the campaigns to the two objectives of these businesses, both the seller and the buyer of homes.

Marketing automation as a strategy comes to replace, through specialized software certain, activity of the sales process. With a tool like a chatbot, sellers can attend to all the queries that enter the site 24 hours a day. The bot does all the work automatically.

Keep in mind that when it comes to online actions, search engines prioritize local content that is useful. Google, for example, usually takes into account the location of users and offers them content based on where they are.