March 8, 2023

Mexican Real Estate Investment Boom of 2023 Predicted by Latin America Real Estate Expert, Pawel Kentaro

Latin America real estate expert, Pawel Kentaro, has predicted a real estate investment boom in Mexico in 2023. Kentaro believes that the current economic and political climate, along with recent infrastructure improvements, will lead to increased investment in Mexican real estate. As a result, he advises investors to start considering Mexican properties as part of their portfolio.

Kentaro, who has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, notes that Mexico has always been a popular destination for investors due to its proximity to the United States, its large and growing population, and its diverse economy. However, recent economic and political developments in the country have made it even more attractive for investors.

“Mexico has a stable political climate and a growing economy, which has increased demand for real estate,” says Kentaro. “The government has invested heavily in infrastructure improvements, including new highways, airports, and public transportation systems, making it easier for investors to access and develop properties.”

According to Kentaro, the recent passage of the USMCA trade agreement has also been a significant driver of investment in Mexican real estate. In addition, the agreement, which replaced NAFTA, has led to increased trade between the United States, Mexico, and Canada, resulting in more cross-border investment opportunities.

Kentaro believes that the most promising sectors for real estate investment in Mexico are residential and commercial properties, particularly in urban areas. “Mexico has a young and growing population, which is driving demand for housing,” he explains. “At the same time, the country’s expanding middle class is driving demand for high-quality commercial properties, such as shopping malls, office buildings, and industrial parks.”

Kentaro notes that there are several factors that investors should consider when investing in Mexican real estate. One of the most important factors is location. “Investors should focus on properties in urban areas with high population density and good infrastructure,” he advises. “Properties near public transportation systems, highways, and airports are particularly attractive.”

Another important factor to consider is the legal and regulatory environment. “Investors should work with experienced legal professionals familiar with the local laws and regulations,” says Kentaro. “This will help ensure that their investments are protected, and they can navigate any legal challenges.”

Kentaro also advises investors to be mindful of local customs and cultural differences. “Mexico has a rich cultural heritage, and it’s important for investors to respect local customs and traditions,” he says. “Working with local partners who understand the local market and culture can be valuable to investors.”

Kentaro predicts that the real estate investment boom in Mexico will continue for several years as the country continues to develop and modernize its infrastructure and demand for high-quality properties continues to grow.

“Mexico has enormous potential for real estate investment,” he says. “The combination of a stable political climate, a growing economy, and recent infrastructure improvements make it an attractive destination for investors. I encourage investors to start considering Mexican properties as part of their portfolio and to work with experienced professionals who can help them navigate the local market.”

Mexico Real Estate facts:

1. Mexico has Latin America’s 3rd most prominent real estate market and the 11th largest globally.

2. Mexico’s real estate sector is one of Latin America’s most active, with a strong demand for residential housing, office buildings, and industrial parks.

3. Mexico’s foreign investment laws are designed to encourage and protect foreign investors, allowing them to purchase and own property in Mexico.